SRD Change is an annual exhibition of new graduate design and ideas that address our future. Issues of sustainability, environmental change and responsibility, social equity and community. Ideas that often directly challenge conventional expectations and raise the bar to new levels. Exhibits are selected from a diverse range of areas, including industrial design, architecture, graphics, textiles, planning, landscape design and more. Features 2D / 3D works, audio/visuals and even high fashion models, confirming the lead role of design to create our sustainable future.

We're often told that we inspire, provoke and ultimately enrich both the practice and understanding of all those who visit. We're sure you'll agree. Looking forward to your visit, support and feedback.

Upcoming Events

SRD Change 10 is now in planning, email us if you'd lke to nomintae a project or help to stage the show :

* SRD Change 09 is completed www.srdchange.org.au look for us soon on TV with special features in
Costa's Garden Odyssey in series two, SBS Thursday's 8 pm nationally.
* SRD Change 09 'solo' show of 20 projects featured in Deutsche Bank Place 12-17 Oct. 09 :
* The first event: SRD Graduate Project Workshop Sat 15th Aug 1-3.30 pm FREE for all final year design degree students. Consult an expert panel of Responsible Design academics and professionals. Register early, limited spaces, see SRD GPW Flyer details. Venue: COFA, Paddington Campus, B Block, Rm B108. This event held as part of 'Live Futures 2020'. SRD Change: Graduate Project Workshop. Also on show, our mini SRD Change best-of exhibition.

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SRD Change 08 renewed ... and a mini best of 07 / 08 again for 09 !

We were asked to present for the 2009 Manly Sustainability Fair with great audience and reviews.
Our final and Major event for 08 was held at the GreenTECH Show with impressive attendance numbers in Sydney's Convention Centre, Darling Harbour over 2 days, 7-8 November 2008. Daily 9.30am to 5.30pm. Ticketed entry (note: Free tickets available via GreenTECH website).

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SRD Change 08 debut

The first solo SRD Change 08 exhibition (formerly ChangeX) of graduate sustainable design and ideas featured at the TAP Gallery 45 Burton St Darlinghurst, Sydney for 5 days, 23-28 September 2008. Daily 12 to 6pm. It was very well received and looked great !

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Limited time Free Offer

Our Full Colour, Low Res SRD Change 08 full EXHIBITION CATALOGUE PDF : 5.3 Mb file ... (Allow a little download time. About 30+ seconds with Broadband)

SRD Change 08 award winners announced

Our project is only a success when many give contribution to the greater effort. Our exhibition has been in gestation for over a year before its final and major showing. It's now appropriate to give some thanks to our graduates who put in the effort required for continuing success ... Full story

SRD Change 08 Sponsor Packs are here now ...

We still offer exceptional value for sponsors wishing to support and be directly associated with the next big thing : Greener Design. With several levels, the options are clear ... Sponsor Pack pdf

Our Media Release is here now ...

The news only gets better. When is your readership going to be in the know ... Media Release 1