SRD Change is a unique exhibition of graduate sustainable design that often directly challenges conventional expectations. Exhibits are selected from a diverse range of design areas from all of Sydney's top Universities. They feature innovative visual and 3D works, multimedia and even high fashion garments. Held annually since 2004 with healthy annual visitor numbers, we have plans in place to promote our exhibition to an even wider audience. Our event has also gained significant media coverage, with feature articles online in TreeHugger, Australian Edge & Bindarri; in major newspapers, on Radio National and community radio, TV interest and numerous online magazines.

Since 2006 SRD Change also featured in EcoShows with many thousands of visitors and high exposure. For 2010 we take our work to a new level and a new audience with our 'solo' debut at pyd. building, 197 Young Street Sydney from 2-15th August 2010.

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